This Rock Has Been Censored

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you a rock that has been censored.
Links To Sources:
Rock: pBvSA8OuHc...
Sloth by Sara Sofia: costaricarescue...
Ironing: kevinlustga...
Gold Ring: watch/?v=788...
Milkshake: watch/?v=330...
Cat & Dog: willowthebl...
Robot: pBvsRZDanzEd/
Penguin: pBu2oodmgRJD/
Rabbit: pBpLUODhlAkb/
Ocean by KV
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Edie Mathison
Edie Mathison שנה לפני
Everyone's making jokes about that rock, but just take a sec to appreciate how cool that looks.
Woink חודש לפני
@no one mango jokes have meanings :D
Wack gaming
Wack gaming חודש לפני
But how are we gonna see it if it’s censored
ᴏᴏᴘꜱ שנה לפני
shhhyourtooloud שנה לפני
If I don't get an engagement ring like that I'm not marrying
Juvenil3 1n Tra1n1ng
Juvenil3 1n Tra1n1ng שנה לפני
so much appreciation its such a great citizen, tf??
Muhammad Robbani Ilham
Muhammad Robbani Ilham 11 חודשים לפני
Guy: can I took the ring outside? Jewelry clerk: sure *The guy has left the chat*
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JCK Videos
JCK Videos 2 חודשים לפני
Saammyyeet 2 חודשים לפני
Reminds me of my dad getting the milk he said he'll be right back
Moss Zilla
Moss Zilla 2 חודשים לפני
Ed D
Ed D 3 חודשים לפני
Irha Shahid
Irha Shahid 11 חודשים לפני
The comfort it gives me that it is 100% not CLICKBAIT
Geometry Ruler
Geometry Ruler 3 חודשים לפני
777 likes xd
UnexpectingDuck 9 חודשים לפני
@JustApple That the video is super good, but also at the same time not clickbaiting you
TRIS GRIS 9 חודשים לפני
Plus no ads
iome boe
iome boe 10 חודשים לפני
💯% not click bait. And 100" likes
RevivedNecromancer47 10 חודשים לפני
The comfort.
Cometeer the Rocketeer
Cometeer the Rocketeer 11 חודשים לפני
Daily Dose of Internet: "This is a rock that has been censored." Me: *"No. That . . . that is a Minecraft emerald ore."*
Saxophonium חודש לפני
I think it would be classed as just an emerald instead of an emerald ore. Correct me if I’m wrong, but emerald ore is a type of rock or stone with fragments of emerald jutting out of it. The emerald in the video is just pure emerald.
Ashley Cailing
Ashley Cailing חודש לפני
@CRguy hold up
TheManteka 3 חודשים לפני
@CRguy hold up
CRguy 7 חודשים לפני
No that’s a Japanese film
smoothie fries
smoothie fries 10 חודשים לפני
I was about to say that
Softie From The Void
Softie From The Void 9 חודשים לפני
I love how after the robot filled the little check box it turned to the camera and just went “:D”
Austin 6 חודשים לפני
@Rudxain actually it went “:V” lol
Rudxain 8 חודשים לפני
No, it went ":O"
Vimaz Pro
Vimaz Pro 8 חודשים לפני
Gyro שנה לפני
"So how does the rock look like?" *Shows rock* "Alright then. Keep your secrets."
Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas חודש לפני
Kgpspyguy 2 חודשים לפני
@AuBrEY & Mystic And also with you bot. 😌 🙏
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MemeCraft 2 חודשים לפני
@Firos really!
Kgpspyguy 3 חודשים לפני
If Obama doesn't release uncensored Congo Tourmaline we riot. Show me that filthy rock. Uncensored, uncut.
Not Now
Not Now 11 חודשים לפני
Love how daily dose of internet goes straight to the point every time
C R U N C H 9 חודשים לפני
That was the most calmest "get robbed lol." I have ever seen
Shovel Man
Shovel Man 9 חודשים לפני
you ALWAYS have good stuff. thank you for cheering up people!!!
K U Z A 11 חודשים לפני
*"This Rock is censored"* Me an intellectual: *Hehe boi*
The_Chim 10 חודשים לפני
Yes where Dwayne at
Wavy Bluz
Wavy Bluz 10 חודשים לפני
@Caleb Wadkins nah he doesn’t clickbait
Wavy Bluz
Wavy Bluz 10 חודשים לפני
@drewzm wtf
drewzm 11 חודשים לפני
Captions [woman moaning]
Sound Crafter
Sound Crafter 11 חודשים לפני
Me an intellectual: Reflection Quality: Low
Cesar 2 שנים לפני
“FREE SHRUGS” what a beautiful interaction between two humans
Trigizard חודש לפני
Blick 2 חודשים לפני
@Random Chicken that's a lot of caring in your comment, got me confused
Random Chicken
Random Chicken 2 חודשים לפני
@Blick damn i guess i want to watch the world burn now, because my comments from 2 years ago were so cringe nobody cares about the amount of likes being 69 and especially nobody cares about me caring about that and especially especially nobody cares about my comment or this comment or h
Blick 2 חודשים לפני
@Random Chicken Some people just want to watch the world burn, and some just want to watch it smile....which u just did
Therese Mfuruta
Therese Mfuruta 3 חודשים לפני
Sprinkle Brother
Sprinkle Brother 2 חודשים לפני
man, I wanna see that rock irl, I feel like it would look so much more weird and interesting in person
Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel 11 חודשים לפני
dont you all love how he immediatly shows the thing you clicked on for. absolute legend
Texas Mama
Texas Mama 10 חודשים לפני
Plot twist: that rock has the origins of the universe written inside and we will never know
Viewable11 11 חודשים לפני
I hoped that the "censored" rock were invisible because of being covered in meta material of negative breaking index. This i how real life "cloaking" technology works. So far, "cloaking" has been performed with small objects on the infrared spectrum and I was curious to see whether it progressed to cloaking in visible light spetcrum.
Jack 2 שנים לפני
Can't believe they made Minecraft emeralds into a real thing
Kind Bat
Kind Bat 3 חודשים לפני
BlueSeas 3 חודשים לפני
@Blueberry r/wooosh
coolcat6778 7 חודשים לפני
@Taro I will, they didn't make if for minecraft, think smart one...
DoctorGhost 7 חודשים לפני
Villager: ah yes, i can give you 2 potatoes for that emerald
Kylano 3 חודשים לפני
I can't believe they censored The Rock, one of the most wholesome human beings alive
Judi Christopher
Judi Christopher 7 חודשים לפני
1:30 There is nothing wrong with the calf... The cowboy is "Tagging" the calf in the ear. With a Number. That is a "Cow Horse" (YES I was on a working Cattle Ranch) Good Horse!
sagacious03 2 חודשים לפני
Decently fun video! Thanks for uploading!
Master Accidents
Master Accidents 11 חודשים לפני
Congo Tourmaline: *exist* Villagers: i'll give you 3 rotten flesh
Laksamana Suhendra
Laksamana Suhendra שנה לפני
This guy has never clickbaited us.. You will be remembered comrade.
ChanCeNecK חודש לפני
I just gave this comment its 5000th like.....
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
@Sarah Goodman God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 3 חודשים לפני
And he has 13.1 million subscribers. The ones who clickbait do not. And still they don't learn. You don't abuse your customers.
BBPJ 3 חודשים לפני
@Hxgop 20 also he recycles clips ONLY during Yearly does of internet which is basically showing the best clips of DDOI
BimscuitsAndCawfee 24 ימים לפני
Imagine paying 5000 dollars for a ring with that gem, and only to have it censored
GoldenSunBeardie 4 חודשים לפני
Guy who owns the stone: *Minding his business* His friend: “Hey dude, your rock is glitching, you should take it to the apple store”
is tin brain
is tin brain 3 חודשים לפני
We will not less this absurd oppression of this rock stand any longer!!!
frookly 4 חודשים לפני
1:53 You could just see how much swag that robot has
Petra J.
Petra J. שנה לפני
Everybody talking about the rock, but let's appreciate that horse as well.
Anonymous X
Anonymous X 16 ימים לפני
What horse?
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carina Snape
Carina Snape 2 חודשים לפני
@Bits Pop there is no horse anymore
Stelica Valentina
Stelica Valentina 2 חודשים לפני
slave_no-more# 9 חודשים לפני
When you open a soda can in a specialized container in a giant swimming pool! He might not click-bait, but he sure does like to add science fiction without warning.
Lillian Manning-
Lillian Manning- 6 חודשים לפני
Aw that horse has real love for his/her owner! I need one 😭
Moth Artistic_Dysphoria
Moth Artistic_Dysphoria 6 חודשים לפני
Just use 'their'... don't needa do that silly his/her stuff man.
Intan Tarmizi
Intan Tarmizi 11 חודשים לפני
Emerald: *exist* Mojang: *so u have choosen, copyright*
Chipmunk_G 2 חודשים לפני
That’s the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while (talking about that censored rock if you’re unaware)
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia שנה לפני
I thought this was a child friendly channel and you out here showing naked rocks?!?
shelee!! 4 חודשים לפני
Bye notifs!
shelee!! 4 חודשים לפני
Bye notifs!
shelee!! 4 חודשים לפני
shelee!! 4 חודשים לפני
Kind sss.d..
shelee!! 4 חודשים לפני
No more notifs!!
ResentfulShorts 2 חודשים לפני
Glad rocks are getting the privacy they deserve
SillyWabbit2 3 חודשים לפני
“How much would you trade for this emerald” “3 blocks of dirt and a bone”
mbarone :]
mbarone :] 11 חודשים לפני
Idk why but your voice is so calming 🤷‍♀️
T𝚊c𝚝ic𝚊l 𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚎
T𝚊c𝚝ic𝚊l 𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚎 3 חודשים לפני
Dude you have to stay tuned to see what the gem actually looks like
Craig Preston
Craig Preston 2 שנים לפני
Villager: -see's the censored rock- Also villager: "three wheat take it or leave it"
Arch 2 שנים לפני
@Sean Le-Dinh stacks up to 3 blocks
Jimbob247 2 שנים לפני
XD hahahahahah
Conklin03 2 שנים לפני
LOL!!!!! MINECAFT!!!!!
TeaTeaKira 2 שנים לפני
FluffyCatMC nah fam we getting mending
MidMoonz 2 שנים לפני
A villager tried giving me one piece of paper for 2 emeralds...
marvelousspatuletail 6 חודשים לפני
It gives me so much anxiety that this person is holding the tiny green expensive gemstone over grass… just imagine dropping it
Kev語彙力 חודש לפני
“Person drinking from their milkshake” this is the reason why I do not order and go get it
KK Foto
KK Foto חודש לפני
Around here, all food must be delivered in a sealed box/container due to health regulations.
Berry B. Benson
Berry B. Benson 11 חודשים לפני
I've watched some much censored, you know what, and can decode any of the blurred lines to see it regularly so I just see a regular rock
Sofia Lafitte
Sofia Lafitte 3 חודשים לפני
The ring one is so funny, the woman doesn’t even chase him she just stands there like “why are you running?”
Cube of Meat
Cube of Meat 3 שנים לפני
*This Rock is not available in your Country*
The Catrizable
The Catrizable שנה לפני
This is why I always use nord vpn
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange שנה לפני
Cube of Meat
Cube of Meat שנה לפני
@Google Service bit mean but aight
RanMind YT
RanMind YT שנה לפני
Kris tian
Kris tian 11 חודשים לפני
1:38 the oldest trick in the book.
Volture zh
Volture zh 3 חודשים לפני
Well, this rock was absolutely doing something bad
Louis Quartersson
Louis Quartersson 3 חודשים לפני
Man: casually steals a golden ring Woman: reports back to HQ
Astr0 Lean
Astr0 Lean 11 חודשים לפני
I wanna see a chain iced out with congo tourmaline, instead of diamonds
John Chin
John Chin שנה לפני
Imagine trying to censor the censored rock.
Brendan's treecko
Brendan's treecko שנה לפני
And then watch with 144 pixels
You just... Uhhmm...
Leomellon שנה לפני
Double censored
Man who says potato
Man who says potato שנה לפני
Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart שנה לפני
Censor-y overload
Juvin Andales
Juvin Andales 11 חודשים לפני
Imagine that horse actually kicked the cow in the face
Hi I’m Ethan
Hi I’m Ethan 7 חודשים לפני
man: what do you do for a living. D.D.O.I: I surf the internet looking for cool things. man: oh. I make coffee
Sam Dush
Sam Dush 11 חודשים לפני
The calf, the cow, the horse and the rancher shows we are all connected to one SOUL.
Revenge 11 חודשים לפני
When everyone says he never does a clickbait
Kami Kage
Kami Kage שנה לפני
Everyone’s talking about the rock but. That horse is kinda smart.
Braydon H
Braydon H חודש לפני
What horse
mahesh prajapati
mahesh prajapati חודש לפני
@Weeb Chimp ya i want a timestamp
AuBrEY & Mystic
AuBrEY & Mystic 2 חודשים לפני
God is king and son of God is our ┊Savior please spread the message ┊Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weeb Chimp
Weeb Chimp 2 חודשים לפני
What horse?
HOLY_CRUSADER 11 חודשים לפני
Villagers: I'll give You 2 dirt blocks for that Funny looking emerald.
xKrt MVx
xKrt MVx 11 חודשים לפני
The Sloth is so cute 🥺❤️
Saxophonium חודש לפני
Someone should trade that rock with a villager
Amethyst Draws
Amethyst Draws 20 ימים לפני
Oooooh so that’s how Flat Stanley came to be. Here I was thinking a tack board fell on him
Miss Tardigrade
Miss Tardigrade שנה לפני
i just love how sassy that robot looked after the captcha
I Can't Think Of Anything Creative Or Funny Lmao
I Can't Think Of Anything Creative Or Funny Lmao 3 חודשים לפני
@ImRxinzbowz sus
FFKonoko 3 חודשים לפני
Everyone is talking about the horse and pretending everyone is talking about the rock, but that robot is great.
Kamlesh Kumar Mishra
Kamlesh Kumar Mishra 3 חודשים לפני
SnæpedComrade 11 חודשים לפני
@Plant bro no
ImRxinzbowz 11 חודשים לפני
@Plant bro sussy *Moans*
Orange Light Productions
Orange Light Productions 3 חודשים לפני
Villager: I'll give you about 2 carrots for that.
Shiladitya Mandal
Shiladitya Mandal חודש לפני
Opening a bottle cap at the bottom of the ocean "Don't try this at home"
Pavan Mv
Pavan Mv 9 חודשים לפני
2:58 sid and his three baby dinosaurs be like:
ElevatorRBLX 11 חודשים לפני
The pixelated gem looks like a sparkle texture of some game item
kremit the frog
kremit the frog 3 שנים לפני
Nah fam that’s an emerald from Minecraft
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 19 ימים לפני
Alexis Jesso
Alexis Jesso חודש לפני
Chad Benoit
Chad Benoit חודש לפני
Archie 2 חודשים לפני
@DariusLad alot of people have it's not even a good joke they dont even look like that In the game
HenryZapper Games
HenryZapper Games שנה לפני
@looking for an original username didn't age well
i-i 9 חודשים לפני
The rock: censored. Alright, keep your secrets.
Sentisuba 11 חודשים לפני
I love how he always starts the videos with the thumb nail
معاوية الوريكات
معاوية الوريكات 11 חודשים לפני
That Rock is safe to show for twitch streamers 😜
troll r
troll r 11 חודשים לפני
Watching these makes me think what other things are on this world
Iguana Guy
Iguana Guy שנה לפני
I love the Free Shrugs guy at 0:22. He even keeps a "whatever, man" expression on his face as he does it.
Protolouge 3 חודשים לפני
@Z4IRE same
Selina Champion-Shirley
Selina Champion-Shirley שנה לפני
I thought it said free hugs :')
失望 שנה לפני
@the dragon queen 108 Too bad society is shit these days
the dragon queen 108
the dragon queen 108 שנה לפני
I thought it said free hugs
HiVizCamo שנה לפני
Ive worked with ppl like that, they're called DILLIGAFs, "does it look like I give a ffk?"
SrDragoncito 11 חודשים לפני
Imagine if the gem falls from you in the grass
Across The Sky
Across The Sky 6 חודשים לפני
Rock: please use your human magic on me, I don't want the other rocks to now my browser history. Humans:
chivby101 9 חודשים לפני
1:05 me when there’s no food in the fridge
Xavier Bean
Xavier Bean 3 חודשים לפני
Finally, now we put this on a camera and it’s perfect.
Nora Buttsmackems
Nora Buttsmackems 2 שנים לפני
It’s not censored, it’s clearly just Minecraft.
BunnyFoxStudio 2 חודשים לפני
Archie 2 חודשים לפני
@Luis Cantres reddit moment
SHMONEY 11 חודשים לפני
Nethilou tobias
Nethilou tobias 11 חודשים לפני
Reverie Animates
Reverie Animates 2 חודשים לפני
Looks like that gem stone has been corrupted in the matrix.
Flargarbason 4 חודשים לפני
If you’re wondering why that soda didn’t explode it’s because the pressure around the can is forcing the bubbles back into the soda so the carbon dioxide in the soda stays dissolved
konstantinos_p 11 חודשים לפני
plot twist: the stone was actually censored in editing
Cherryl Concha
Cherryl Concha 11 חודשים לפני
0:39 Guy: don't try this at home. Me: *goes to the pacific ocean and tries it*
TheGuyWithTheSniper 2 שנים לפני
*Horse:* "Congratulations. You are being rescued. Please do not resist."
Crazy Tortoise
Crazy Tortoise 2 שנים לפני
Star Wars Rogue One
MackumWackum 2 שנים לפני
Nice Star Wars reference
Gunsboy Gamingxxx
Gunsboy Gamingxxx 2 שנים לפני
John Henderson hi
TDiamonds23 Ice
TDiamonds23 Ice 2 שנים לפני
Zero Saber
Zero Saber 2 שנים לפני
TheGuyWithTheSniper cool horse tbh
War GodYT
War GodYT 3 חודשים לפני
Damnnn I thought they were gonna low key eat the sloth 🤣🤣
Sher Shah
Sher Shah 11 חודשים לפני
Daily dose of internet is just awesome man.
TheGaming Diamond
TheGaming Diamond 11 חודשים לפני
dude the rock is hiding some very good interpretive japanese art
Edean Chu
Edean Chu 8 חודשים לפני
The rock was too beautiful to be shown…
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