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Microwave שנה לפני
“Plants actually move a lot, they just do it really slowly” See, I do a lot of homework, I just do it really slowly.
I like tacos😍
I like tacos😍 חודש לפני
Xeron 2 חודשים לפני
me too
V1nce cuh stan
V1nce cuh stan 3 חודשים לפני
Same lol
Default User
Default User 3 חודשים לפני
V1nce cuh stan
V1nce cuh stan 3 חודשים לפני
Let’s get to 9999 likes
Weird Troll Gamer
Weird Troll Gamer שנה לפני
"Plants actually move around a lot, they just do it really slowly". You know I'm something of a plant myself.
Josie Mincey
Josie Mincey 11 ימים לפני
mr squishy
mr squishy חודש לפני
Maybe I am a plant...
Mr. Web Designer
Mr. Web Designer 3 חודשים לפני
@Mombo Sibes Bully Maguire reference lol
Batman 4 חודשים לפני
Plant time!!
Mombo Sibes
Mombo Sibes 4 חודשים לפני
I'm gonna put some dirt on your pot. So you could grow healthy.
丂ㄒ卂尺 11 חודשים לפני
Plants: *moving* Plants when the person comes: ANDY’S COMING
HEMALATA AGARWAL 6 חודשים לפני
@Chen XiaoXi **nobody cares** (jk)
Chen XiaoXi
Chen XiaoXi 6 חודשים לפני
Yes I’m here my name is Andi.
丂ㄒ卂尺 6 חודשים לפני
@Shehrbano Malik yes xd
Shehrbano Malik
Shehrbano Malik 6 חודשים לפני
toy story, right?
Michael 8 חודשים לפני
So underrated
irish-medi-weed-grower 8 חודשים לפני
"A pretty neat concept of how people go shopping in the future" Really bro ? Pretty nightmarish if you ask me .
tsm688 8 ימים לפני
@noah geerdink Yeah, exactly. It feels like an **OLD** idea. It reminds me of an old-fashioned A&W drive-through where ladies in skirts and rollerskates bring your meal to your car, except robots bringing groceries. Wholly impractical in the same way, and lacking even the fun part (which can't have been fun for everyone).
noah geerdink
noah geerdink 9 ימים לפני
It is so impractical, you need more stock, you have less space for products. Not to mention what to do with refrigeration and fresh meat or bread. To me it seems like a view of the future they had when they just invented leaded gasoline
tsm688 22 ימים לפני
@Bryce Raber Don't get too mad bro. People think up ideas 99% of the time and the vast majority of them never get built. And talking about them hurts no one.
Bryce Raber
Bryce Raber 23 ימים לפני
Came here to say this. Cars are the worst, and I am furious that people are imagining ways to accommodate for them over pedestrians even more.
ItsAdam 11 חודשים לפני
“This is just a boring paperclip “ Paperclip: “And i took that personally”
QJDWG 2 שנים לפני
It's sad to see a paper clip with a stronger memory than me...
JustASimpleUndertaleYoutuber 3 ימים לפני
How am I here?
Zaddock. 5 ימים לפני
How do you breathe
Kayleigh Keogh
Kayleigh Keogh 8 ימים לפני
Alice Falcon
Alice Falcon 8 ימים לפני
@i'm a girl named Richa Click in the comment you like reply. So, write you like.
Dr Prick
Dr Prick 10 חודשים לפני
“this is how people might shop in the future.” Yeah, in the 60’s, local grocery stores delivered.
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas 5 ימים לפני
We're going back to the future it seems, since they all shops deliver again, but it used to be a teenager on a bike doing the delivering, very low carbon, now it comes on a diesel truck. Get the kids doing it again. Get a pedal powered truck with 4 or 6 teenagers pedaling like mad, :).
Tammie Knuth
Tammie Knuth 8 חודשים לפני
Delivered milk. Milkmade/milkman
Kofi Mills' Videos
Kofi Mills' Videos 9 חודשים לפני
Some still do!
~𝙹𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚅𝚒𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚝~
~𝙹𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚅𝚒𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚝~ 3 חודשים לפני
It's amazing how kittens' eyes turn from blue to yellow, green or still remain blue. You can also notice how the cat goes through aging too. I love cats so much.
richSalaz me
richSalaz me 11 חודשים לפני
Knowing how long people usually go for groceries, that place would end up having long queued cars and will cause a lot of co2 emissions
I'll let you finish but first
I'll let you finish but first 6 חודשים לפני
@KEPC KatherineC (and others on this thread) It's wrong to think electric vehicles will ever be emission-free. Even when using only renewable energy. The manufacturing processes involved will always create waste and emissions somewhere on the industrial chain. For instance right now, with inefficient battery technologies, a Nissan LEAF will only start saving carbon compared with a gas vehicle of the same weight after running for 2 years. A big Tesla will probably break down before having less environmental impact than a small gas car. The only way to effectively cut emissions is to stop using cars to go everywhere. Trains and subways have run on efficient electric engines for decades.
KEPC KatherineC
KEPC KatherineC 6 חודשים לפני
No, exhaust won’t be a “future” problem, once gas powered vehicles become obsolete. As for that shopping format-no thanks.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 9 חודשים לפני
haha, sorry I had it in another comment, I was just replying to the person who posted that. In a world where I can order almost anything I want by voice command anywhere in my house and it reaches me in about 2 hours...this future is no way least that is the reality here in NYC for a few years now...
Noordin Song نور الدين سونغ
Noordin Song نور الدين سونغ 9 חודשים לפני
@Harpreet Singh You do not need to turn the car off, because we will only have electric cars.
Danny Hodson
Danny Hodson 11 חודשים לפני
That plant thing was really cool, I knew they moved around really slowly so we can't really notice it but I never pictured them moving around that much
Jeffrey Jakucyk
Jeffrey Jakucyk 7 חודשים לפני
To be fair, those two plants (oxalis and maranta) both raise and lower their leaves in response to the sun, so they're some of the most animated houseplants out there, besides Venus fly traps and sensitive plants.
JH Theguydude
JH Theguydude שנה לפני
Bear: Does nothing Eagel: I like ya cut G
RedwoodGamingAndMore 2 ימים לפני
It’s eagle not eagal
robotmonkeytank 12 ימים לפני
Bear: gets smacked Eagle: EMOTIONAL DAMAGE
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress 3 חודשים לפני
Actually, birds often attack predators when they have a nest or something nearby. There exist eagles that have ground nests.
Royce שנה לפני
@Mongezi Mngoma yeah
Xenon שנה לפני
I'm the 3000th like!
The time lapse of the plants moving was awesome. Had no idea. Was fun to watch. Great video
Empanada 4 חודשים לפני
The future shopping clip is honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen. It’s a America if we allowed the big motor companies to run grocery stores the same way we let them decide our road and city planning
AlllAmerican 11 חודשים לפני
Bro if I had a slinky made out of that stuff from the first clip I’d be set for life for no tangled up slinkeys
aseed boi
aseed boi 11 חודשים לפני
Let's Take Some Time to Appreciate That He Has Never Clickbaited Us. edit : Yes I Very Much Understand That This Comment Is Bullshit and I've Seen So Many Goddamn Times And I've Got Very Annoyed So I Commented This On Every Video
it's mee
it's mee 11 חודשים לפני
are you a bot? i see this exact comment every video
Mr Tree
Mr Tree שנה לפני
“It remembers its original form” Turns into a giant piece of ore
iwaju イワジュ
iwaju イワジュ 17 ימים לפני
it's an alloy, it would turn back into two ores
One Man Army GRENINJA חודש לפני
laughed hard
prachi shakya
prachi shakya 2 חודשים לפני
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 2 חודשים לפני
Smarty dummy
EmberGyaru 3 חודשים לפני
Oh shit, that's funny 🤣
Simon Nilsson
Simon Nilsson 9 חודשים לפני
I like how the shopping idea was completely blown away by the “online market” way. There must have been a guy who was questioned this over complicated system and then got throw out the window.
Wendell C
Wendell C 7 חודשים לפני
I like how that bear didn't get angry about the eagle at all. Such a gentleman (or lady).
Jesse 11 חודשים לפני
thank you for telling me that plants move slowly so i could look smart in front of my science class
myname 12 ימים לפני
You won't look smart... Only some types of plants move like that. It's not the majority.
🌺🌥pink cloud
🌺🌥pink cloud חודש לפני
Me too
Hamid MN
Hamid MN שנה לפני
I know, I went to school with that paper clip, was the smartest kid in the class. Owns a huge company now.
Cali Lamirra
Cali Lamirra שנה לפני
Clever scientist: *makes a cool paperclip* Everyone: "the smartest paperclip" Clever scientist: -_-
Mari S
Mari S 4 חודשים לפני
Clippy: >:(
Abhijit Panda
Abhijit Panda שנה לפני
Isn't it similar to AI 😂😂😂
PensiveMoxely שנה לפני
*big brain time*
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e † שנה לפני
Last time I was so early her name was its Cali
Vinny UwU
Vinny UwU שנה לפני
*w h e e z e*
Cloud 4 חודשים לפני
1:17 I appreciate the person riding through traffic so smoothly and I also appreciate the person who took the shot cuz his biking skills were also pretty cool
TnT FoX 4 חודשים לפני
1:10 yeah, I learned that the hard way when I was growing plants indoors and wondered why they weren't growing fast even with 24/7 light. Plants need sleep too, that relaxing at night releases a bunch of toxins... like Oxygen... toxic for plants at least. When the leaves relax water in the plant drops back down to the roots, and the light that wake the leaves back up pulls new moisture (with hormones and nutrients from the roots) up to the leaves, fruit, and flowers.
ImJustMe 23
ImJustMe 23 11 חודשים לפני
Me having an intense fear of climbing ‘unstable’ ladders and heights in general: OH MY GOD DUDE AHHHHHHHHH **sees next one** Ooh hamster! Awwwww!
Inaugurated 6 חודשים לפני
Haha, the "shopping in the future" thing was probably the most inefficient thing I've seen in a while. Nope, that is not gonna happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they thought the year 2000 was gonna look like that in the 70's
Sophia L.
Sophia L. 3 חודשים לפני
I want as much confidence in myself as that eagle that thought he could swoop down and grab that big ass bear lol
ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ ⟭⟬
ᴢᴀɪɴᴀʙ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ ⟭⟬ שנה לפני
I love how they're playing calm music while that bear is trying to get revenge on that eagle.
Christopher Valdivia
Christopher Valdivia 11 חודשים לפני
That's a pretty neat concept of what shopping will look like in the future...the future of 40 years ago!!! 😆 Everything from the driving, to the buttons, employees and even the physical credit card looks like the 80's.
Too Many Choices
Too Many Choices 11 חודשים לפני
2:09 wow that cat grew and moved around so much in that white square!
Instant Party
Instant Party שנה לפני
Yes, let's have a closed building with several running cars inside, nothing bad will happen at all
Rogue Tree
Rogue Tree 4 ימים לפני
Cars will likely be electric by then
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas 5 ימים לפני
You didn't notice the grill in the floor under the exhaust pipe to suck out the fumes. Re-watch it and you'll see it's right there when he drives into his lane/checkout.
amberrr חודש לפני
MiniTree2001 חודש לפני
All Electric in the future
Schrödingers Katze
Schrödingers Katze 2 חודשים לפני
Also it´s not very accessible if you have a disability or just don´t have a driving licence. And you would have a lot more problems with traffic because everyone has to use a car now even if that shop is just 100 meters away.
CINDER AJ 11 חודשים לפני
Nobody is talking about how hard it must have been for the owner to get their cat in a similar position as they aged, let alone pose for a picture in the first place.
Raul Torres
Raul Torres 11 חודשים לפני
Didn't look like it was too short a time frame between each shot to warrant that much difficulty. Especially so if they used a quality camera that allows single frame snapshots from a video recording.
Mr. Boom
Mr. Boom 2 חודשים לפני
I know this is an old video, but I love your channel. Always positive and upbeat. Please keep them coming. 👍
Oni Kidman
Oni Kidman 7 חודשים לפני
2:40 wow! How’d that guy just ride that mountain like that??! So cool
van n.
van n. 3 חודשים לפני
am i the only one who is suprised how easily he can bend a paperclip?
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell שנה לפני
" Honey, I'm going shopping need anything?" "Yeah I need a whole box of Twix and an orange juice."
Mercury in ChAoS
Mercury in ChAoS 13 ימים לפני
Give her a break! She's pregnant. 🙄
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 2 חודשים לפני
@James Roscoe I agree. It's damn convenient too.
James Roscoe
James Roscoe 2 חודשים לפני
Based on how it's going now I'd say this is very wrong. We will order our groceries on an app, pull up to the store, and they will be loaded for us. It's already happening...
EmberGyaru 3 חודשים לפני
Omg, I laughed so hard at this 🤣
maalii. 11 חודשים לפני
I just love how this channel never clickbaits.
Fauxknight חודש לפני
Must be sweet living in the future where the first thing on your grocery list is an industrial sized box of Twix.
Skeete 8 חודשים לפני
Excuse me bro, but everybody knows that Cleppy is the smartest paper clip!
Ong Bak
Ong Bak 2 חודשים לפני
That metal bending back into shape.....i dunno if it's real but I think it's what cars should be made of.
UwU Bish
UwU Bish שנה לפני
"Plants move a lot, just really slowly" Maybe I am a plant..
luvlypanda !! ☻ -Break
luvlypanda !! ☻ -Break 9 חודשים לפני
✨Bird & Animal Løver QUITTED✨
✨Bird & Animal Løver QUITTED✨ 9 חודשים לפני
Same i think im a plant
ILOVETURTLES E 9 חודשים לפני
Understandable. Have a great day
CHEEKY ZEYNEP 9 חודשים לפני
ikr @UwU Bish 😅
Scott Meager
Scott Meager שנה לפני
That drive through shop is the absolute epitome of laziness and it's disgusting. I love it.
• N A S A R U •
• N A S A R U • 11 חודשים לפני
That guy was cycling like he had just saw a ghost of his ex girlfriend in the graveyard......
Gerishnakov 7 חודשים לפני
He also had a deathwish.
DosU חודש לפני
Behold. The wonders of the human realm. [picks up the paper clip] This little fella's one of their most valued objects. It aids in the compiling of printed wisdom, the scratching of gunk from under your nails, and my favorite... It even mimics the sounds of the human ocean. [He proceeds to twang it.] Aah! The human realm. So beautiful
Cass 7 חודשים לפני
This paperclip is smarter than me then, I can't even remember what I did 10 mins ago
Rachel Southcombe
Rachel Southcombe שנה לפני
Imagine making a car out of nitonol if it crashes just drive into a hot spring and you are good to go again
Hajebasita🇺🇦 2 חודשים לפני
@Kamya Mya no u
Kamya Mya
Kamya Mya 3 חודשים לפני
@Ojas Deshpande no u
Ojas Deshpande
Ojas Deshpande 3 חודשים לפני
@lmao no u
lmao 3 חודשים לפני
u just solved everything my guy
Springer124 4 חודשים לפני
I came into the comments to see some nice reply’s but bruh
Cordingdesert 95
Cordingdesert 95 11 ימים לפני
Cyclist: drivers need to more careful around us. Also Cyclists: 1:16
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith שנה לפני
Never thought I'd want to buy a paperclip so bad.
william mckinley
william mckinley 9 חודשים לפני
when plants are more active than you've ever been in your entire life
Brody Pike
Brody Pike 2 חודשים לפני
1:37 Is such an amazing idea! For lazy people like me this great, and with Covid-19 if it stays with us any longer this shopping method could be a decent way to social distance.
zargham aijaz
zargham aijaz שנה לפני
Bear: Living in peace. Eagle: Peace was never an option
Arben The Original
Arben The Original 3 חודשים לפני
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Royce שנה לפני
@MrDead yes
@MrDead That is genius
Mammouth Lafouinne
Mammouth Lafouinne שנה לפני
@MrDead and now Russia
Barely Noticeable
Barely Noticeable שנה לפני
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 חודש לפני
Bold of the eagle to assume he could kidnap a whole bear. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A+ for effort buddy.
Liz Joy
Liz Joy 6 חודשים לפני
Pretty sure that eagle stole a fistful of hair for its nest 😂 way to live on the edge!
♡︎ M0Ss ♥︎
♡︎ M0Ss ♥︎ שנה לפני
1:11, ha ha! Now i can prove to my friends/family that plants do move! Now for the next question, do they feel pain..?
Elijah Ingram
Elijah Ingram שנה לפני
so acording to google plants cant feel pain but i think that is fake because 1 they are alive 2 they know they are being eaten 3 They can count. They can feel you touching them 4 Several lines of recent research suggest that plants are capable of vision and may even possess something akin to an eye... i think im on to something
Eva Hearts
Eva Hearts 11 חודשים לפני
That hamster was like a vacuum 😂
Marco Antunes
Marco Antunes שנה לפני
I love how he lets the self explanatory clips uncommented so we can fully enjoy them
DuckWifCiggie שנה לפני
@OwnedCoot there was time for him to explain. He didn't commentate over the actual Eagle part. But there wasn't enough time to say "this person took a picture of their cat every day to show how much bigger it got" y'see?
Marco Antunes
Marco Antunes שנה לפני
@Joe Mama123 I guess its a good thing in my opinion
Marco Antunes
Marco Antunes שנה לפני
@Syy oi, tudo bem?
Joe Mama123
Joe Mama123 שנה לפני
Is that a good thing or bad thing
Syy שנה לפני
White_Eyes 6 חודשים לפני
The paper clip is so smart, is has a mind of it’s own!
Kelvin Ykj
Kelvin Ykj 9 חודשים לפני
2:06 that cat sat there for years just for a time lapse of him growing up dude
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer 11 ימים לפני
On my planet, plants move very quickly. We ride on them for transportation.
Derek A
Derek A 9 חודשים לפני
I love how the futuristic shopping still requires swiping a physical credit card.
ZayTaz 9 חודשים לפני
I thought the same thing too xD
A dumb boi
A dumb boi שנה לפני
Eagle: "Tag! You're it" Bear: "OH YOU SON OF A-"
Forgotten שנה לפני
@ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more I see now
Forgotten שנה לפני
@ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more Oh that’s bad.
ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more
ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more שנה לפני
@Forgotten ye lol where the eagle scratched him he had a full on big open wound.
Forgotten שנה לפני
@ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more so did you find it
ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more
ECOLIZEM Fortnite Unboxing and more שנה לפני
@Forgotten not sure it was long time lemme check
Clap שנה לפני
When you’re plant has more steps on you’re watch then you do
deanmoncaster שנה לפני
Isn't the metals default position in an ore before it got put into a paperclip?
Александра Лебедева
Александра Лебедева 3 ימים לפני
Plants: moving Plants when the person comes: ANDY’S COMING
Grodey שנה לפני
Imagine using this paper clip thing on vehicles or something that comes into a lot of accidents
yexmi שנה לפני
Reasons why i love this channel sm 1 Never Clickbaits 2 Sometimes Educational 3 Credited the original owner 4 He doesn’t force people to Subscribe, Like and comment Quinton Chudy: 5 he doesn't talk all vid and doesn't speak on the self explanatory clips
GusGus420 Jerry
GusGus420 Jerry 2 חודשים לפני
6 he doesn’t take forever to get in to the video
yexmi שנה לפני
@Squared that is 1
Squared שנה לפני
6 He puts the content in the thumbnail in the beginning of the video
Heartbeat שנה לפני
@madide ???
madide שנה לפני
you guys scarred from other youtubers? this is what I expect
kinda sus ( COMMENTER )
kinda sus ( COMMENTER ) 9 חודשים לפני
2:49 achievement unlocked: stair to heaven
Hobby Exploration
Hobby Exploration שנה לפני
Imagine creating art with this paper clip and accidentally drops it on water
Shen Kaul
Shen Kaul 8 ימים לפני
Bear: walking peacefully Eagle: lemme just hit you and fly like there's no tomorrow
Astrovite 8 חודשים לפני
I went to high school with a guy who invented a paperclip magic trick where he makes it bend back into shape with one hand. That's what i wad expecting to see when i clicked the video
Cliff Cheung
Cliff Cheung 2 שנים לפני
Eagle was like "uhh it looked smaller when I was up there...."
Star Light
Star Light שנה לפני
@Lucy Ferr No, humans don't have races, we have ethnicities . we don't work like dogs. Races are variations of a species. if something bad happens (ex: epidemic), 'races' make it so that there's enough variation for some of a species to survive. It's good to 'mix' to create even more variation. All of us are unique, whether or not the origins of your ethnicities are different. In some cases, fighting is necessary to live, but it isn't 'life'.
Some random Human
Some random Human שנה לפני
Lucy Ferr listen I'm getting my genetically engineered cat girls wheather you like it or not
eliwylin ***
eliwylin *** שנה לפני
Lucy Ferr ok boomer
Mehar -un-Nisa
Mehar -un-Nisa שנה לפני
Orange שנה לפני
Lucy Ferr Thank you as well, I have now found out that I am a mongrel.
BigDaddy 4 חודשים לפני
been a fan for a while (and subscribed) and I have to say this was the best video out of the dozens I have seen!
Febreze AirFreshner
Febreze AirFreshner 11 חודשים לפני
2:59 I need me one of those vacuums, what model is it?
Lucas Tartakoff’s Third Channel
Lucas Tartakoff’s Third Channel 10 חודשים לפני
Dunno man :|
Werewolf Boyfriend
Werewolf Boyfriend 9 חודשים לפני
"Paper clips can't be smart!" *Paper clips:*
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 2 חודשים לפני
I’d love if the cat time lapse continued through decomposition.
Cranker Animates
Cranker Animates שנה לפני
“Plants actually move around a lot, they just do it really slowly.” *Vegans:*
Herbleave 9 חודשים לפני
@Mr. Ditkovich It's not my fault that I don't like the taste of meat!
Herbleave 9 חודשים לפני
I didn't only stop eating meat because it is made from living things, in my opinion meat tastes like Sand. I am Vegetarian
LaserDragon 12
LaserDragon 12 9 חודשים לפני
@Em Kat *sole
FREAKO שנה לפני
Can we appreciate this guy because he never clickbaits us
Day Dream
Day Dream 11 חודשים לפני
the eagle was really like: *we be eating good tonight! oh wait no never mind he’s too big*
pchyu שנה לפני
my anxiety when the cycler went between the coco cola truck and the bus: 📈📈
Jack 16
Jack 16 שנה לפני
Oh no my “aNxIEtY”
Hanafuda48 שנה לפני
There is a game called Universal Paper Clips. Its one of the smartest games ever!
Can I get 50k with videos?
Can I get 50k with videos? שנה לפני
2019: smart paperclip 2025: paperclip outsmarts humans
TheMemeGuy213 שנה לפני
@Luca Brasi *skynut
maggPi Prime
maggPi Prime שנה לפני
Looks like Clippy has reincarnated and will haunt us forever
skoove שנה לפני
The rise of clippy
Sinceresoninja שנה לפני
Ww3: paperclip vs humans
Luigito615 שנה לפני
@NICOLAS OSPINA is 2021 lol
Self-Healing Fabric
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Eating A Cow Without Hurting It
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פאר טסי - ערק | Peer Tasi - Arak - Prod. by Matan Dror
פאר טסי Peer Tasi
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The Best Of The Internet (2019)
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Hamburger Left in a Closet for 24 Years
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Minecraft's Best Players Simulate Civilization
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Prisoner Tries to Take a Selfie in Jail
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The massive Fatigue Carousel helps keep roads safe
Tom Scott
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Falling Off An Underwater Cliff
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This Bench Gives People Anxiety
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When a physics teacher knows his stuff !!
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
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What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Apples
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ISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 PUZZLE 🤝 VAMYUN Part 4 | May 10, 2022
או מיי גארד!!!
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Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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كواليس مسلسل العيلة
Shadi Ashi
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الطيور الجريحة | الحلقة الكاملة 69 |  مدبلج عربي