The Most Awkward Handshake of All Time

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you the most awkward handshake of all time.
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Also in this video, someone is taller than someone when they sit down. A cat is scared of a tool. A dog is annoyed with how loud huskies are. Someone drives at ATV over a pool cover. A delivery guy scares some people watching a scary movie.
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Yuki Otonashi Ch.音無行
Yuki Otonashi Ch.音無行 חודש לפני
That monke is chilling. Love the vibe
Daisy Cat
Daisy Cat 19 ימים לפני
Mmm Monke
SuperTurtle 21 יום לפני
That is not a donut
Alex Czerniak
Alex Czerniak 27 ימים לפני
@Felix indeed. it was kinda cringe to see this clip in the comp. I really hope this orangutan will get rescued... maybe a better life in an animal sanctuary
dart חודש לפני
101th reply
Frank Albertson
Frank Albertson חודש לפני
I felt the awkwardness of that handshake on a spiritual level... let's be honest it has happened to more of us than we'd like to admit.
goosebut2 24 ימים לפני
Kenshin Padron
Kenshin Padron 29 ימים לפני
nate0 חודש לפני
Their minds were so "Chess-focused" they did 8 games of paper rock scissors as a warmup without thinking.
TheWolfNinja חודש לפני
I can’t recall a moment like it, but I’m sure I’ve done it. I do recall leaving a room and I gestured a girl to go first, but she did the same, and then I stood back a bit to let her go, but she did the same, and then we both started to leave and we both left the tiny doorway at the same time. It was the most awkward exit and I could still feel the shame on my shoulder as we awkwardly left at the same time. I’m disgusted by that
Spyder חודש לפני
It was not a handshake, it was a whole frickin game of rock paper scissors 😂
Md Nazrul
Md Nazrul חודש לפני
hajhaa true
Md Ajijul
Md Ajijul חודש לפני
hahhahahhahahahha trueeeeeeee
Xemirov חודש לפני
Naruto Shippuden
Talkative Yellow Toad
Talkative Yellow Toad חודש לפני
@M Q 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
M Q חודש לפני
@Talkative Yellow Toad 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
KaMiKaZee חודש לפני
That delivery guy made me laugh harder than I should have.
Dante Loparco
Dante Loparco 9 ימים לפני
@James Peters Scream isnt scary enough to warrant that reaction XD
James Peters
James Peters 28 ימים לפני
The people inside were probably watching Scream LOL
LordChicken 29 ימים לפני
Same 😂
Dugroz Reports
Dugroz Reports חודש לפני
100k challenge with 0 video
100k challenge with 0 video חודש לפני
The look on that person's face when he realized it wasn't whipped cream combined with the other person's cheerful "we ran out of whipped cream!" Just made me laugh :) amazing video!
Idk what to put
Idk what to put 8 ימים לפני
@i need a hug and boba No, he/she means Mayonnaise. I remember I also heard somewhere that Mayonnaise is dyed white, but it’s not actually white.
FerocityFilms חודש לפני
Came right out of a sitcom
D חודש לפני
@A A oh..... when I use the word "they", I use it to refer to someone I don't know the name of or don't know. You need to understand the word "they" was repurposed for people who want to pretend they don't know what gender they are. For majority of my life it was not so.. I'll keep using it my way. Long story short I don't give a shit what gender anyone is especially the people in this video
Emeline Anderson
Emeline Anderson חודש לפני
@A A Do you really know that? That persons pro nouns could be they/them, or he/him?
Bubblescupatea🍉 חודש לפני
Inbred Banana
Inbred Banana חודש לפני
Imagine being cool enough to be called three completely different animals at once "Rhino Rat Snake"
Dante Loparco
Dante Loparco 9 ימים לפני
@Nut so you have a pet spider?
A random Shroob
A random Shroob 21 יום לפני
@go away or im gonna MEOW I literally said that .-.
go away or im gonna MEOW
go away or im gonna MEOW 21 יום לפני
and zebra turkey fish
Nut 27 ימים לפני
I’m so cool I have a pet called a “kangaroo ant Turkey bird monkey dog spider”
Justin Green
Justin Green חודש לפני
I love that the delivery guy who scared the people screamed back at them like a 1930s monster! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
xKia חודש לפני
I bet they were watching scream
PeabodySherman686 חודש לפני
@moiyoo that happened to me
Vinnii Killer
Vinnii Killer חודש לפני
Mr.KillJoy חודש לפני
r a
Tao חודש לפני
@No idea Who I am Mother-
CrashForce חודש לפני
The guy already got a check mate before even playing a game of chess 😂
CrashForce חודש לפני
@ZenRamen howdy
ZenRamen חודש לפני
@CrashForce Hello, verified person
CrashForce חודש לפני
@Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him 🤔🤔🤔
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him חודש לפני
Repent to Jesus Christ “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬ K
Zack Williams
Zack Williams חודש לפני
That was such a power move
Danielle King
Danielle King חודש לפני
Is no one talking about how adorably cute and sad that dog looked while the huskies were howling??? 😂😂😂
Gappl 19 ימים לפני
He didnt hear the howls so he no howl
Julie Choi
Julie Choi חודש לפני
I'm surprised at how fast the two guys tried to adapt their handshake form to each other constantly
_______ חודש לפני
I can watch this handshake a million times and still laugh, it's perfect.
Naate57 חודש לפני
That handshake took more brain power than any chess match imaginable. Respect.
Md Ajijul
Md Ajijul חודש לפני
hahaha but its kinda cool
Naate57 חודש לפני
@Dethmeister damn.. just seen it. Fkin bots.
Dethmeister חודש לפני
A spam bot copied your comment, got a bunch of likes, then Daily Dose hearted it.
Derek Reno
Derek Reno חודש לפני
I was wondering how I would word this. RESPECT 🙏
UwU LuLu UwU
UwU LuLu UwU חודש לפני
TaKi Daily
TaKi Daily חודש לפני
Btw that was a cool way of handshake
Yakira חודש לפני
I love how the food delivery man screamed back at the people inside the house. 😂
SkysMusic__ חודש לפני
I relate to this momentous handshake. The first time I met one of my best friends, we did exactly this, except I didn’t get embarrassed I just started laughing.
conFLICKt חודש לפני
Every April Fools Day I think this guy will finally clickbait us but he never does
Decaying Riott
Decaying Riott חודש לפני
That was no handshake. That was a secret code embedded into reality for true legends.
100wyyy חודש לפני
Can confirm
Pupper Gump
Pupper Gump חודש לפני
Zobrist hashing decoded
Wrangleding חודש לפני
There is no they. There is only he.
Kinglol Mon
Kinglol Mon חודש לפני
Embodiment of challenge!
Maana חודש לפני
I'm intrigued.
Trendy Insight
Trendy Insight חודש לפני
Now that is one strong pool cover, I really thought that ATV was going to sink.
SucculinnSuccerter חודש לפני
Reminds me the time I tried to shake hands with Mark Wahlberg but we awkwardly fist bumped😂
Wolfie חודש לפני
I remember when I was saying goodbye to a girl from my class. And she wanted to give me a hug, but I thought she wanted a handshake. Combined with the fact that she was the popular girl in class made me feel soooo *Savage*
TheAdvertisement 19 ימים לפני
Them juggling the came ended up being perfectly put together lol.
Clara McGrew
Clara McGrew חודש לפני
That handshake was funny. As a chess player, I've experienced a bit of that in the pandemic in chess tournaments where masks are often required. Some chess players don't want to shake hands before a game due to COVID.
Hades חודש לפני
BK has a zero meat restaurant in Cologne, Germany for over a year. And it's great. I'm vegetarian, most of my friends aren't, but we never went to BK anyway. But this brought all of us back and we all love it, so many great options and it doesn't feel like your chewing on antibiotics anymore.
XxvibesXx חודש לפני
I love how he doesn’t say subscribe and all these stuff like other ILforrs it just a waste of time to hear it he is a real legend ✌️😌
Military and Emergency Services C h u r c h
Military and Emergency Services C h u r c h חודש לפני
That handshake is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time
Tyler R
Tyler R חודש לפני
The speed and precision of adaptation those guys had to have to so quickly and wrongly switch between handshake types is admirable.
Md Nazrul
Md Nazrul חודש לפני
Md Ajijul
Md Ajijul חודש לפני
Blue Bird🇺🇦
Blue Bird🇺🇦 חודש לפני
I am a chess player, its pretty easy when your feeling that awkward
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax חודש לפני
YourlocalEliza חודש לפני
POV: you learn something every time you watch a Daily dose of internet video
Johnny 5
Johnny 5 חודש לפני
"First major fast-food company to open a restaurant with zero meat options." More like the first to admit that their meat isn't real.
M Q חודש לפני
I feel like Wendys Twitter account is going to break through the ILfor barrier and start a flame war with Burger King again…
Liam R
Liam R חודש לפני
Didn’t even need to play a game of chess, that handshake was already an intellectual battle.
N J חודש לפני
Awkward? That must be the most creative handshake I've ever seen
nymthetyrant חודש לפני
The look on that person’s face when he realized it wasn’t whipped cream combined with the other person’s cheerful “we ran out of whipped cream!” Just made me laugh :) amazing video!
Nico Cassano
Nico Cassano חודש לפני
Hey! I just found a bot that copied your comment exactly word by word. That made me burst out laughing.
Rachel V K
Rachel V K חודש לפני
@mk If you are expecting whip cream and get a mouthful of mayonnaise, that's a really unpleasant surprise!
DragonSwirl חודש לפני
@jarlo you must've been so confused 😂
DragonSwirl חודש לפני
They had to improvise 🙃 That was something my friend and my sister would do to me 😅
Zack Zander
Zack Zander חודש לפני
@Mr Quirky I’ve seen someone replaced Vanilla Icecream with Mash Potato. I still remember that moment, XD
Nin9211 חודש לפני
i think its safe to say we all love watching awkward handshakes.
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin חודש לפני
I watched the handshake video so many times that I can do the movements myself now😂
General Cheshire
General Cheshire חודש לפני
So let me get this straight. They dug for oil but found gas, then they lit up the gas, expecting it to burn out within a few the crater has been burning for 50 years and no one thought about building a thermal power plant next to it?🤔
henk חודש לפני
You can't just create a thermal power plant next to anything that burns wtf?
12Magner05 חודש לפני
@Nnelg It seems I do not know much about thermal power plants.
Nnelg חודש לפני
Look: it's in the middle of a desert, thermal power plants require a ton of water to boil into steam to spin turbines to spin generators.
jw11432 חודש לפני
Well, consider your own words. They thought it would burn out within a few weeks. So they clearly don't know how much longer it will burn. Could be another 50 years, could be another 50 days. Certainly doesn't make much sense to make the investment of building a power plant when you don't know how much longer that fire will burn. Besides, it's also a very poor nation. The majority of the people who could benefit from it probably can barely afford electricity, especially at the rates that would be needed to recoup the initial investment.
Jimmy Dewalt
Jimmy Dewalt חודש לפני
Man, that wasn't The most awkward Handshake of all time, this was The most awesome secret handshake of all time
Andythedrew1 חודש לפני
That’s clearly a secret chess grandmaster handshake that’s beyond our comprehension.
Rebecca S
Rebecca S חודש לפני
Never let them know your next move
Wildraser Xd
Wildraser Xd חודש לפני
A bot copied your comment. :(
Ernie J. Frisk
Ernie J. Frisk חודש לפני
I misread comprehension as mayonnaise as somehow and i was so confused
小肉肉 חודש לפני
Another awkward handshaking moment lol
Doctor San
Doctor San חודש לפני
Shaking hands is all expression of one’s soul. Clearly, the young man is in need of spiritual counsel
Commando Doggo
Commando Doggo חודש לפני
Haha, this reminds me when my uncle stuck his fist out and instead of bumping it I shook it.
Wave999 חודש לפני
That orangutan and I have more in common than I do with some of my friends. He seems like a chill dude
Raxzy חודש לפני
Ugh. I love this “Hello everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet.”
Eden חודש לפני
"They were reacting to each other so fast, they didn't realize their reaction time was on the same level, so they kept mirroring at the exact same rate." "That's impossible! How can mere humans move that fast!"
gnómi חודש לפני
I love that mayonnaise clip... Its so wholesome. I never thought I would say this sentence in my life.
SA Gaming
SA Gaming חודש לפני
Thank you for just taking your time to do these videos I really really enjoy these videos can’t wait for the next upload
Mmmph חודש לפני
The pit of fire is often called the "Door to Hell", and large desert spiders are attracted to it at night because of the heat it gives off. So if you want maximum nope, go to Turkmenistan.
Ghost חודש לפני
I'd remember that hand shake for my entire life especially at 2 am
Bread חודש לפני
That Gurl
That Gurl חודש לפני
@Andres bro, I'd wake up in cold sweat thinking about something like that.
Elizabeth Payet
Elizabeth Payet חודש לפני
@Andres trust me, as an introvert, that kind of thing haunts us for years
Ray Rodriguez
Ray Rodriguez חודש לפני
Whats with all the bots
Freestyle Johnny X 100
Freestyle Johnny X 100 חודש לפני
My people.
4dri1 חודש לפני
They were predicting and countering each other’s movements one step ahead. True chess players.
Parker חודש לפני
Hey! I just came up with a kinda cool idea for the best daily dose of internet videos that you put together at the end of the year You should call them “Yearly Overdose Of Internet” 😂
Lucas חודש לפני
I think the most awkward handshake was at an archery tournament of some kind, where people with no arms shot at some targets, and someone tried to give the winner a handshake.
ViruZ חודש לפני
This was actually the coolest handshake ever at a chess tournament
The Rest Of Us
The Rest Of Us חודש לפני
This was actually the coolest handshake ever at a chess tournament
Tickeshwar babu
Tickeshwar babu חודש לפני
@Samuel Pearlman wow AGADMATOR FANS FTW!!!
Kireo חודש לפני
that was so cool unintentional handshake i ve ever seen
Rocktime Roy
Rocktime Roy חודש לפני
hahah trueeee
Уzriteль Вiдоsov
Уzriteль Вiдоsov חודש לפני
actually no, there was cooler handshake between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura
ITSytyt חודש לפני
A C חודש לפני
That's how you know we are related. Dipping the doughnut in his coffee lol
Black Ops
Black Ops חודש לפני
Same thing happened to me the other day. Went for the bump they went for the shake. So I just kept my fist close and the problem resolved itself. It was just one mistake but it’s still so awkward. I swear anxiety causes this. I always make these mistakes when I’m anxious.
Shades McGee
Shades McGee חודש לפני
Combine Guard: "Pick up that can." Speedrunners: 1:04
Squash חודש לפני
That handshake is equivalent to the one time where you and somebody try to get past each other but ends up failing
Obed Glanson
Obed Glanson חודש לפני
I love how they both try to exchange from a handshake to a fist bump, and both their timings are perfectly wrong.
@V Vey white always goes first wdym
Endoleon חודש לפני
chess players right there, they agreed to disagree
BlueMech חודש לפני
V is for Void
V is for Void חודש לפני
They're chess players, so they have to take turns.
MrYagi חודש לפני
@Don't read profile photo ok I won’t
bruno חודש לפני
1:37 That's not a doughnut, it's a "bisnaguinha" it's a very soft and small type of bread that comes in a packets available in almost any brazilian marketplace
keep arguing
keep arguing חודש לפני
the huskies immediately encapsulated my reaction to seeing that handshake
Rayan Parmar
Rayan Parmar חודש לפני
If the last guy never managed to make the trick shot in the bin, it would have been funnier... But great trick shot!
mick cv
mick cv חודש לפני
Love that you explained why that snake has that name lol. Respect the audience.
HonJazzz חודש לפני
That’s actually the first ever recording of a Freemason secret handshake.
Pei Mei
Pei Mei חודש לפני
Funny, but they are more the type of grip from what I know. Also touching knees and feet... Hugs.
Vertex Tongi
Vertex Tongi חודש לפני
Jared Hammonds
Jared Hammonds חודש לפני
@Matt Jasa They are used to summon Gozer with the help of the key master and gate keeper.
DrNanard חודש לפני
@John McAlister and you're not very good at understanding jokes. To each their own !
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson חודש לפני
@Walter Edwards 😆
moistsp00n חודש לפני
the first handshake was the equivalent of me saying "thank you, you too" to a person who told me to enjoy my meal
walsxml חודש לפני
Nothin like a good Morning to watch Daily Dose.
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal חודש לפני
If he didn’t do some weird bird hand a bunch of times, that wouldn’t have happened.
Cool Asian Clips
Cool Asian Clips חודש לפני
I love how you always put what we wanted in the video first =)
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat חודש לפני
That dive at the end is scary! Love it.
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal חודש לפני
0:25 man was like “this job…”, and just mocked them. 😂
“Ran out of whipped cream” got me rolling 💀
Nuclear Void276
Nuclear Void276 חודש לפני
Bro I had the most awkward handshake. I shook a man’s hand and then he went for a handshake with the guy behind me, I thought he wanted a hug so I hugged him. It’s been years and I still have nightmares.
MazdaBass971 חודש לפני
The food delivery guy had me bust out laughing, i bet he got in the car and said, damn some people are weird. 😂😂
Ernie J. Frisk
Ernie J. Frisk חודש לפני
@The Dank Dev omg they need to learn how to break their own immersion
The Dank Dev
The Dank Dev חודש לפני
I used to deliver pizza, and one time a group of probably 16 year old girls greeted me at the door with a knife because they had been watching horror movies. Apparently they forgot as well.
Coby A
Coby A חודש לפני
I think I’ve seen this before. One person does it intentionally to try to throw the other person off before they start to play. I think it just messes with them and could cause a slip up
The traveling kitchen
The traveling kitchen חודש לפני
WHATTTT?! I had no idea there was a vegan burger king! That's way cool!
Kiweeb חודש לפני
I remember giving someone a handshake and they tried doing an entire choreography.
Wade חודש לפני
Awkward handshakes have been very high during these COVID times. I've been a victim of several
LaunchFPV חודש לפני
Being an FPV drone enthusiast, I can say that the last shot in this video is an absolutely DREAM shot to get and I really appreciate you sharing it! Keep up the good work!
Unknown חודש לפני
And that wasn’t real that was fake from a game
Unknown חודש לפני
@Mr371312 cringe
Mr371312 חודש לפני
More like: pov your the poop someone dumped out their window cause poop truck drivers have a month off
Activate Kruger
Activate Kruger חודש לפני
POV: You finally decide to END it all 💀
Patrick Laune
Patrick Laune חודש לפני
@Mary Anne understandable, so long it flies down, and it still not reached the buttom
NickyDotGaming חודש לפני
2:00 yes actually they can stop it, by burying it with sand. Might take a lot, but seriously? ROFL
Nicole Andrei Baldoza
Nicole Andrei Baldoza חודש לפני
Chess players:"Can't. Let. Him. Know. My. Next. Move." *Okay now for the handshake*
MoElabdSkillz _10
MoElabdSkillz _10 חודש לפני
The handshake happens everyday and it makes for a good laugh. There is no awkwardness, both of you understand that you want to reduce contact although it isn't that big of an issue. Damn.
1rotzy חודש לפני
That handshake was the equivalent of “saying you” too after a waiter says “enjoy your food.”
73stxrs חודש לפני
I loved how happy that lady was when dude asked "is that mayonnaise?" and she very excitedly said "Ya!! We ran outta whip cream!". I thought they said "Vanilla Ice-cream."🤣
The Maniac
The Maniac חודש לפני
@Gonezo she seems like she’s overacting for this kinda video
Gonezo חודש לפני
@Ed Gepixel She seems hilarious!
Shelly Sanders
Shelly Sanders חודש לפני
I rewatched that segment like 10 times. Made me Crack up!!!
Ed Gepixel
Ed Gepixel חודש לפני
She gives off some very fun vibes. That’s a lucky guy.
giveme5mins חודש לפני
@1:24 "is that mayonnaise?" "Yeah, we ran out of whip cream ". She'd catch hands for that!
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שישו ושמחו - קומדיה צבאית מוזיקלית נושכת | פרק 2 - אל מלא רחמים