Dog Slams Through Glass Table

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose Of Internet! In this video, a dog slams through a glass table and breaks it.
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Also in this video, a dog rides in a man's backpack. A man rides in a giant drone. A cat looks down a hole. A cat gets brain freeze. Making art using 2 hands. Unplugging a drain in a bowl of cereal. Using a device to get a car out of mud. A drone video of someone jumping into water. A screaming frog.
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The dog is like: "I swear, I didn't know this is possible."
safiya surti
safiya surti שנה לפני
I love how the two owners just stood there with their hands on their mouths like: 😮
ReMeDy שנה לפני
I feel sad for the dog because even he was staring at the broken glass. He looked really apologetic.
StoneNicolas93 שנה לפני
i like how the owners didnt get mad at the dog and put him on the couch to not damage them. now thats actually caring owners
Maesie Demarest
Maesie Demarest שנה לפני
I love how the owner didn’t get mad at the dog when it slammed into the table
Andrea Gutiérrez
Andrea Gutiérrez שנה לפני
To the drone people: Guys, I think you've literally just invented flying cars
Luis שנה לפני
I like him because he actually shows what happens in the title first
Haru Hiko
Haru Hiko שנה לפני
The Poor Dog looked like he was looking for a way to explain what happened. Just like a kid breaking a cup hahaha
layla :D
layla :D שנה לפני
What great owners, they didn’t get mad and yell but instead carried the dogs off the couch so they didn’t get hurt.
I like how when the big dog breaks the table, the amount of little dogs sitting next to the guy triples
Thenoob_playz Roblox
Thenoob_playz Roblox שנה לפני
Who else just randomly found daily dose of internet and now watches him every day
The guy who can draw with his two hands at the same that's impressive & an even impressive drawing too....just WOW
Grace Games
Grace Games שנה לפני
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo שנה לפני
I love how the owners made sure that the dogs were okay instead of instantly yelling at them 🥺
He leaves the 99
He leaves the 99 שנה לפני
mm2 edits 😩
mm2 edits 😩
I love how the dog looked back at the glass as it smashed like: "I didn't do that-"
Hannah Sharitz
Hannah Sharitz שנה לפני
I’m dying at how the guy who was running with the dog says “don’t say anything” I’m guessing his partner had meantioned running in the house isn’t a good idea 😂
I love how the dog innocently just goes on the couch like nothing happened while the owner is in complete shock.
James Browne
James Browne 2 שנים לפני
I love how he’s like, “don’t say anything.”
sonia שנה לפני
I like how they both are in shock by covering their mouths. 😂
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