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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a toy goes through a grinder machine.
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Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for the best trending videos, or videos people have forgotten about, and put them all in one video. I upload 2-3 times a week to keep video quality high. I always ask for permission to share videos that I find!
Also in this video, a snowboarder causes an avalanche. A cat tries to bite their owner. A photographer shows a timelapse of Chicago traffic. A guy shoves a toy basketball in their mouth. A construction worker pranks their friend with a saw.
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Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache חודש לפני
I've never seen anyone be afraid of their own pet until I saw the guy with the pig
James Spiteri-Baldwin
James Spiteri-Baldwin 6 ימים לפני
Aisha Abdi
Aisha Abdi 15 ימים לפני
They can eat humans soooo
Senator Steven Armstrong
Senator Steven Armstrong 16 ימים לפני
Spideykian 28 ימים לפני
I wonder what type of pig it is
Arian חודש לפני
cause keeping pig as pet is disgusting
Skittle Pockz
Skittle Pockz חודש לפני
Daily dose sounds so robotic most of the time but them laughing at the end was extremely pure
Marcus Leung
Marcus Leung 2 ימים לפני
@Haley peretic you weren’t supposed to go to the comment section before watching
Muyō Gomi 無用 ゴミ
Muyō Gomi 無用 ゴミ 11 ימים לפני
I made that 999 likes 1k- Thank you for letting me do that, I've always wanted to do that-
Kha N Br
Kha N Br חודש לפני
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman חודש לפני
That laugh was still a bit robotic.
Haley peretic
Haley peretic חודש לפני
It was so cute, more bloopers!
Ari Black
Ari Black חודש לפני
2:27 Never heard him laugh and his laugh is just amazing lmao. gotta laugh more
Manuzer 12 ימים לפני
That indeed it's a really nice laugh
Despair חודש לפני
bootlicker. amazing lol, his laugh sounds pretty normal. but yes laughing can bring us happiness, gotta laugh more is true
Confused Screaming
Confused Screaming חודש לפני
Straight up sounds like Rohan's laugh
Ari Black
Ari Black חודש לפני
@hotelsix same but his laugh is so calming haha. weird but really nice to hear that.
hotelsix חודש לפני
Hearing him laugh for the first time is kinda weird 😂 I'm just used to him talking with a friendly voice
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva חודש לפני
1:19 I LOVE that he looks at the camera, like he’s saying, “you seeing this shit too?!”
Arikedokitututafu 24 ימים לפני
“yall saw that!?”
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez חודש לפני
that’s what I had thought lol
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. חודש לפני
2:11 I bet that thing would be so fun to play around with. I’d love to finally do a backflip lol
Damien Lee
Damien Lee חודש לפני
1:19 the way that dog turns to the camera like "YOU SEEIN' THIS?". Gold.
RicaRTSM13_2005 27 ימים לפני
Md Sakil
Md Sakil חודש לפני
so cute
Voltaire חודש לפני
@The Game Shorts 🅥 how about no
Shadat Hossain
Shadat Hossain חודש לפני
sooo cute
President Revelle
President Revelle חודש לפני
Consistent and fun, Daily Dose of Internet provides lots of laughs and enjoyable content for viewers of all ages. Haven’t laughed at a ILfor channel’s videos in a long time. Well done. You’ve earned a permanent subscriber in myself.
100k challenge with 0 video
100k challenge with 0 video חודש לפני
The blooper at the end made me smile. It's great to hear you laugh but honestly that pig was terrifying!
Kris Green
Kris Green חודש לפני
AWE I loved hearing your laugh blooper at the end! You should toss in more laughs here and there to one you specifically love. 😁😀
Johnny Joestar God
Johnny Joestar God חודש לפני
I literally could not stop laughing at the boar getting up.
CheeseYourself חודש לפני
That acrobat device looks so cool, I wish I could have one so I could just mess around and do silly moves in the air
Goddess Zura
Goddess Zura 17 שעות לפני
PdArtzs 19 ימים לפני
My exact thoughts
Th3PugKing 29 ימים לפני
NarutoGaming2013 29 ימים לפני
@- lilsluvss *ೃ༄ - doing project 😥 lol
Carniflex חודש לפני
The way that dog suprised and looked back to the camera was more drama than an Oscar awarded actor.
Alteori חודש לפני
what's the gymnast device at the end called?
Moofey 16 ימים לפני
Oh hey Alteori
Tee leSynclair
Tee leSynclair חודש לפני
Yeah... I want to know
Karen Rosero
Karen Rosero חודש לפני
Oh my God, the laugh at the end! It was so nice to hear. I love the blooper, hope he includes some more in the future!
BigMan 77
BigMan 77 23 ימים לפני
0:09 had me laughing hard the eyes squishing is just so funny
The Rest Of Us
The Rest Of Us חודש לפני
1:25 that is way more dangerous than it looks. This amount of snow can crush you.
HappyMatt12345 22 ימים לפני
But since nobody got hurt it's funny
Ravenleaf182 חודש לפני
@TheEmeraldSword not really, firstly, they weren't that far from the right. Secondly, have you ever snowboarded? It's REALLY difficult to bury one, especially when all that snow basically crumbled and is really light. As I said earlier, the worst that happens in the scenario in the video is that he's upside down with his board still up/near top and with apparently several people to rescue him. He isn't going to be buried because the board is going to be carried with the momentum and stay near the top.
TheEmeraldSword חודש לפני
@Ravenleaf182 Sure, but if they were too far to the right, all the snow to the left would pile on.
Dot חודש לפני
@Infinite Tomato why do people forget to add simple ass words into their sentences. Tf is yea that can deadly pretty quickly? Doesn't make sense
LifeWatcher חודש לפני
@Mr Madness because they don't realize it.
S_TripleA🔋 19 ימים לפני
1:13 lol I love how the dog looks at the camera and is like”DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!?!?”
Chrome_NovaYT חודש לפני
1:18 I like how the dog looked at the camera to make sure we saw what he saw😂
Chris A
Chris A 29 ימים לפני
I love how the dog looked to the camera and was like “ARE YOU GUYS SEEING THIS TOO” 😂
GippyHappy חודש לפני
When I open ILfor in the morning and immediately get recommended a Daily Dose of Internet video I feel like I can’t watch anything else now cause that was my daily dose.
Sunny Days
Sunny Days חודש לפני
your laugh at the end is so adorable! thank you ddoi for always making my day better
Harsh Gada
Harsh Gada חודש לפני
I cannot believe he repeats "Thats the end of this video i'll see you guys very very soon" in every one of his video in the past 3 years and the consistency is mind blowing 🤩🤩
Dreamhop Music
Dreamhop Music חודש לפני
The rubber chicken didnt stand a chance xD
Yuyu Sunshine
Yuyu Sunshine 7 ימים לפני
Sir your laugh is the most wholesome thing I've ever heard ✨✨✨
Nawaf Parkar
Nawaf Parkar חודש לפני
"this guy was kind enough to give his pet pig a- AHAHAHHA" This does put a smile on my face
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 10 ימים לפני
@bitterfly YES YES HI HI
Isle of guy
Isle of guy 13 ימים לפני
bitterfly 18 ימים לפני
@Winter Bear are you a nctzen?! :D
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 18 ימים לפני
@bitterfly dude omg
Someoneyeeted חודש לפני
It honestly caught me of guard i love it
Dominic Hanway
Dominic Hanway חודש לפני
Wow, I just watched 3of these back to back. I can't stop smiling now
KitKatrianna חודש לפני
I've never seen such confusion on a faceless object as I have on that handsaw 🤣
TheElevenFirst חודש לפני
Honestly DDOI is the most wholesome content creator ever. That’s probably why I keep on coming back to his videos
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith חודש לפני
What is that acrobat device called? That thing looks incredible.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak חודש לפני
I'm really scared of machines like that. Many accidents happened in the past.
Oliver LaRosa
Oliver LaRosa חודש לפני
It seems you gave fair reason to be
Shadat Hossain
Shadat Hossain חודש לפני
true thoo
yeah true thooo
Akhi Akhi
Akhi Akhi חודש לפני
ME TOO hehe
Scarlett Walsh
Scarlett Walsh חודש לפני
This might be a little be weird but your laugh was so adorable 😊
Haha-AaaAAA חודש לפני
Everytime one of your video comes out I can just forget all of my problems for 2-3 minutes, ty a lot for that
Yoyobionicle חודש לפני
This guy was kind enough to curate videos from around the internet just to make people smile
🦋Jordy_Edits🦋 חודש לפני
This is such a good channel with great content that my mom even likes watching it and she thinks your very kind lol
Hex Hub
Hex Hub חודש לפני
0:43 It's so hilarious how expressive that saw was without saying anything. It was like the saw alone was alive and had emotions.
I have your family
I have your family חודש לפני
@Vorza Gaming to him, things went downhill from there
I have your family
I have your family חודש לפני
Exactly it’s almost something out of Pixar
TAPIOCA 55 חודש לפני
It is like a cartoon 😝
l-3176-l חודש לפני
@Claire Gatewood Ye, context is hard on the internet.
Claire Gatewood
Claire Gatewood חודש לפני
@l-3176-l I think people thought you were replying to the original commenter and I think that's why someone wooshed you idk
Bob D
Bob D 20 ימים לפני
I watch his videos and I am always happier 😌
Tohru חודש לפני
The blooper laugh came out of nowhere. It made me laugh along. 😂
Real Racer 03
Real Racer 03 חודש לפני
That blooper part at the end was the best part! You should include that every time!
hanzo חודש לפני
he could be documenting the end of earth and his voice would still be so calm
Deenurf חודש לפני
I wasn't ready foy your laugh 😳 so adorable ✨
🖤DakotaTGH🖤 חודש לפני
@Mikel A Velazquez Yea. 🥰
Mikel A Velazquez
Mikel A Velazquez חודש לפני
I could literally picture him being a pretty boi with that laugh.
🖤DakotaTGH🖤 חודש לפני
@carl Yes, humans make spelling errors. Exhilarating.
velipulla חודש לפני
@Primal Peace no its soy boy laugh
Christine חודש לפני
down horrendous
mapledrips חודש לפני
I like how when the eyes got crushed, it sounded like a human body being crushed
Nucco Taco
Nucco Taco חודש לפני
That magic trick in front of the dog actually got me there for a second
deprofundis חודש לפני
No one is talking about that adorable cat! I love when they imitate us. Mine does imitate me from time to time, and it's hilarious. ❤️🐈❤️😂
Going Blargh
Going Blargh יום לפני
The chicken be like: “What have you done?! He’ll make me part of him!! You can’t do this to me!! *_AUUUUUEEEEEEGGGHHH!!!”_*
tay חודש לפני
The way the dog looked at the camera as if he’s saying “DID ANYONE ELSE CATCH THAT?!?” 😂
Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder
Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder חודש לפני
and then he found out where the lemon was in his left hand.
Sk Raaz
Sk Raaz חודש לפני
hahahah cute
Sunflower Productions
Sunflower Productions חודש לפני
I like the dog getting pets more, i'm sure if it still had its tail it would be wagging like crazy.
Denizen of Hell
Denizen of Hell חודש לפני
@Andrew Trimble it's a bot
Tales Ramalho
Tales Ramalho חודש לפני
That blooper laugh at the end made my day :D
Second Life Travels
Second Life Travels חודש לפני
Can we give props to DDoI for *NEVER* posting clickbait? Everything on the thumbnail is always delivered.
Totox חודש לפני
This channel is the epitome of "honey look at this funny mee-mee my friend from the work sent me, it is hilarious".
Black Fox Flower
Black Fox Flower חודש לפני
That first one felt kind of dark 😱 especially when the eyes got squished up...
Just Rolled In
Just Rolled In חודש לפני
I need that acrobat device for my cat. She would love it.
Nepptunii חודש לפני
@Don’t read my profile picture ok
Nepptunii חודש לפני
@Don't read profile photo ok
Desk חודש לפני
@AlwaysDisPutin Nothing better than a good'ol unexpected pun in the ILfor comments section
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie חודש לפני
@Don't read profile photo ok I didnt
Susan Kay
Susan Kay חודש לפני
My cat would blow chunks on that thing! She needs all beans on the floor!
Dinosaur Sr.
Dinosaur Sr. חודש לפני
I binged daily dose of internet while on acid one time and if I'd seen those first two clips I would've freaked out
JoméG חודש לפני
I was getting out of the video at the "that's the end of this video.." part and right before leaving i heard that small blooper he did at the very end and It made me happy
Kayla Bond 👈-СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 12 ימים לפני
Honestly DDOI is the most wholesome content creator ever. That’s probably why I keep on coming back to his videos
Mamuel Siller
Mamuel Siller חודש לפני
"This guy was kind enough to give his pet pig a AHAHAHAHA" -Daily Dose Of Internet
The Big Iron
The Big Iron חודש לפני
I have a pet pig who loves the blanket aswell, those 'barks' literally just meant "I'm trying to sleep, go away" LOL!
LeoLeo58 חודש לפני
i read that as "as a pet pig"
Vishal. חודש לפני
Shadat Hossain
Shadat Hossain חודש לפני
Tank חודש לפני
Love the bloopers. Keep them coming!!!
Paradox Edge
Paradox Edge חודש לפני
Omg dude your laugh is *so precious.* You have an amazing laugh. I should of expected it because your voice in general is very nice.
3710P חודש לפני
This guy may be a giver of daily doses of Internet, But these are so good, I'm overdosing.
Yuno Takahashi
Yuno Takahashi חודש לפני
That laugh was adorable, most wholesome thing in this video, If I may say so.
Mossfen חודש לפני
15 seconds in and I’ve already seen a CBT machine and a guy who seems to handle balls pretty good with his mouth. I love this channel
JS חודש לפני
@lolislayer16 close, but not quite.
Eren jeager
Eren jeager חודש לפני
@NottaDeadFish lmao really?
Nathan_The_BunnyYT חודש לפני
@Don't read profile photo cringe
Kudoz חודש לפני
I couldn't choose a favorite until I reached the last clip!! Please keep including bloopers in your videos!! XD
MinnieNuke חודש לפני
all the clips were very good but your laugh made my day. thanks! :D
discountskeppy חודש לפני
that laugh at the end was adorable!!
Cheesie boi
Cheesie boi חודש לפני
I love how he never clickbaits
TomJames7 חודש לפני
I like the whole video, but the blooper at the end was the only time i did laugh for real, Thanks DDI, for making our days
Marquion 28 ימים לפני
DD has the definition of a laugh
Casz 27 ימים לפני
This is definitely one of the very best channels on ILfor.
Miiko P
Miiko P חודש לפני
I want that acrobat device!!! That looks so cool!
Greggles חודש לפני
Unexpected blooper made me smile. Cheers.
Wajahat חודש לפני
Your laugh at last made my day. Thankyou for sharing the blooper :)
DareToBeDeviant חודש לפני
1:08 ~ a perfect metaphor for many of our lives. Whether we get smacked in the face (literally or metaphorically) is equal or less probable to happen.
Bunny '-'
Bunny '-' חודש לפני
2:28 that laugh was so adorable
astralmax חודש לפני
Your laugh at the end of this video was the best thing i’ve heard all day and cheered me up instantly, thank you for being so awesome 💕
Jay-foxx11 חודש לפני
@Terrarian I don't think I will.
Jay-foxx11 חודש לפני
@Terrarian No.
Terrarian חודש לפני
@Jay-foxx11 go ahead and find out
Jay-foxx11 חודש לפני
@Don’t read my profile picture I've seen this one before. It leads into a Rick Roll doesn't it?
Don’t read my profile picture
Don’t read my profile picture חודש לפני
dont read my name
Nytorsk חודש לפני
Funny until you realize that same machine is actually used to grind live chickens in egg factories
Patty_T חודש לפני
The way the dog looks back at the camera tho. 😆
Mr. V
Mr. V חודש לפני
Listing DDOI's laugh is one of the best thing on the entire internet. 😊😊
Technicity32 חודש לפני
The dog looked back at the camera like "You guy's see that?"
Thanatos616 חודש לפני
0:41 don't know why but this got me laughing hard on loop. That comic timing when he stops the saw is hilarious XD. Thanks for this channel not for only bringing us a daily dose of laugh but for providing us with a mental refuge on Discord.
Mirsty חודש לפני
dont even ask why
dont even ask why חודש לפני
“Whatever comes dark will end light” *except the chicken*
Nick B
Nick B חודש לפני
0:51 that’s honestly so thoughtful and cute
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