African Tribe tries Pizza for the First Time

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an African tribe tries pizza for the first time.
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Also in this video, someone did not realize that they had their camera open on their phone. A dog pushes another dog to get a toy. A cat is scared and does not recognize their owner. A chimp relaxes with a drink and wears sunglasses.
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Maasaiboys חודש לפני
Thanks for posting and all the support ✊🏾🙏🏽
TheAdvertisement 7 ימים לפני
Maasaiboys 14 ימים לפני
@Raihan Mirza in Tanzania!
Raihan Mirza
Raihan Mirza 14 ימים לפני
Are you the maasai tribe in kenya
arii ツ
arii ツ 15 ימים לפני
SuperTurtle 21 יום לפני
YOO new snow just got dropped
Siturba חודש לפני
That four-eared cat looks like some kind of fantasy pet, he's incredibly cute !
Edrian Cotto
Edrian Cotto 6 שעות לפני
it's baphomet
Player 1
Player 1 2 ימים לפני
Ofc itd have 4 ears after eating its twin in the womb, makes sense tbh
Jeff Xu
Jeff Xu 3 ימים לפני
Wonder how his hearing work
Expunged 7 ימים לפני
@velipulla probably because he came to her right after?
The Beast King
The Beast King 8 ימים לפני
New Pokémon
Jacob Seely
Jacob Seely חודש לפני
"How long will this stay in stomach?" Words of wisdom, there's nothing like the feeling of brick of half a pizza sitting in your stomach
xNhympexV1 12 ימים לפני
@Maasaiboys u guys have technological devices there? I thought u guys dont
Zail 16 ימים לפני
It stays there forever.... As a chubby foam. ._.
Jordan Olson
Jordan Olson 25 ימים לפני
Trust me bro after you get the whole pizza in it kind of pushes it self through
Archons 25 ימים לפני
it’s amazing that was his first thought
Yura just a guy
Yura just a guy חודש לפני
“How long will this stay in stomach?” An unexpectedly insightful question. How many of us actually ask that?
No No
No No 11 שעות לפני
@Nicholas Cooper shut up, as an african, just because not all of us are on the brink doesnt mean that they arent, just as well as they could be and anyways he was only guessing
Sha K
Sha K יום לפני
maybe he felt like hes not really getting full on it and was curious how long before he needs to think about his next meal. Like me and chinese food. I eat that knowing im gonna be hungry again in a couple hours, so i kind of plan for it lol.
Music Account
Music Account 2 ימים לפני
@Wassabie Western society, big W.
L M 18 ימים לפני
@Nicholas Cooper He never said all but some are. Just like any other part of the world. Chill.
GDUDEify 20 ימים לפני
@o Samurai o no, he was talking about if he would suffer indigestion. Africans generally don't eat a lot of processed carbs or low-moisture cheeses like mozzarella.
Juretxy '
Juretxy ' חודש לפני
The way the bird fell, adorable 😂
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache חודש לפני
Snowboarding on sand from Africa being on top of actual snow, has to be a once in a lifetime experience
Ar rOe
Ar rOe 15 ימים לפני
@47Ronin you don't make powder artificially and it's not chemical, it's just frozen water
Lucyan December
Lucyan December 22 ימים לפני
it looked amazing!!
Saiful islam
Saiful islam חודש לפני
Simon Zhang
Simon Zhang חודש לפני
@yash sandbending.
Random Internet Guy
Random Internet Guy חודש לפני
the man
Liqweed חודש לפני
Did you realize what he asked? "How long will this stay in the stomach ?" - This is true food effectiveness right here.
Maasaiboys חודש לפני
We had to know ….
Gabriel Wavelet
Gabriel Wavelet חודש לפני
Underrated comment
S . I . A . L
S . I . A . L 13 ימים לפני
"How long will this stay in stomach?" Words of wisdom, there's nothing like the feeling of brick of half a pizza sitting in your stomach
S . I . A . L
S . I . A . L 2 ימים לפני
@Jimmy D huh
Jimmy D
Jimmy D 2 ימים לפני
Lmao how pathetic to copy and paste another comment. Why? What for?
Pancakeflipper חודש לפני
As my mom would say in the second clip; "How do you know that the cat enjoys it!?"
OGL-Aspect יום לפני
That cat is amazing the constant tongue sticking out is so cute
Funneyy חודש לפני
“It’s like cow blood, it’s very nice.” Spoken like a true man.
The Letter H
The Letter H 9 דקות לפני
@0 1 it's curdled blood lmfao
0 1
0 1 18 שעות לפני
@The Letter H You can't eat a liquid. "Look at me I'm eating a drink of water"
0 1
0 1 18 שעות לפני
@B 1K "Nomads" Just say Mongolians.
S . I . A . L
S . I . A . L 13 ימים לפני
“How long will this stay in stomach?” An unexpectedly insightful question. How many of us actually ask that?
MisterRedBlueBlur 18 ימים לפני
@ 0:36 That almost killed me. Too hilarious! 😄😂
Helmut 3 ימים לפני
The cat is able to hear the fourth dimension ! And is so cute doing it
Rebecca 5 ימים לפני
HEHE the birds face is so cute and simple it’s like a little drawing :D
goldmoutdog19 חודש לפני
I don’t think I’ve ever once thought about how long certain foods stay in the stomach, dude just really opened my mind wit that one.
Nik 28 ימים לפני
I watch Daily Dose of Internet All the time! I just want to say hi, and I love your videos! 😃
PowerfulSand חודש לפני
Honestly, the cat with 4 ears is oddly cute! You’d think it looks weird but in a way it actually makes it cuter.
Eelis Vaa
Eelis Vaa חודש לפני
Truly a ones in a lifetime experience to ski on SAND. Super cool!
Dumpling חודש לפני
I see that the cat enjoys the trick But how she possibly found that out is what concerns me…
0 1
0 1 18 שעות לפני
I Don't get why DDOI feels personally insecure about a woman flipping her cat with fervor.
Justin 3 ימים לפני
I had a same cat like being done like that, at first started out gentle, just lifting the cat, then as time goes on, you start to play rough
d4s0n yo
d4s0n yo 8 ימים לפני
@Mike Oxlong says tho?
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 22 ימים לפני
@The Gum Under The Table My cat comes to me for love and affection all the time. Wants to be pet on even after being fed and wants to lay in my lap when I’m on the computer. He even brings his toy to me when he wants me to throw it and he brings it back 90% of the time. If that’s not wanting love and attention then I don’t know what is.
The Gum Under The Table
The Gum Under The Table 22 ימים לפני
@Mike Oxlong Dogs want your love and attention. Cats want whatever they want. If they don't like something, they'll make in known.
crazy edits
crazy edits חודש לפני
Bro ur amazing thanks for making my day lots of love keep it up🥰🥰🥰
Nik Vibing
Nik Vibing חודש לפני
1:17 god damn, the strength of the dude, the mobility of the girl, truly a strong couple
Nginig Stories
Nginig Stories 27 ימים לפני
love the last clip, but the four eared cat is stunningly beautiful.
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters חודש לפני
"How long will this stay in the stomach?" He instinctively knows it's not that healthy for you lol
Alteori חודש לפני
Seeing the men eat pizza was so cute 😆😆 Notice how they asked, "How long will it stay in the stomach" AND THE KITTY looks like a dragon! SO BEAUTIFUL
Awesome 26 ימים לפני
once again! hey Alteori!
Jonathan Cole
Jonathan Cole חודש לפני
@Steven Marx cry about it
Am i Ded
Am i Ded חודש לפני
@Oliveoil Chicken at least you learned praise can be bad.
Nasima Alomghir
Nasima Alomghir חודש לפני
Yep 😆
Tahla Tessier
Tahla Tessier חודש לפני
@Steven Marx Maasai are some of the most healthiest people in the world. If anything, it is the West that needs to learn from them.
Kyberkreeper חודש לפני
That lady and her bird was the highlight of my life; take my like XD
Nora Pritchard
Nora Pritchard חודש לפני
Can we just talk about the four-eared-old cat and how cute the tongue it was
Efe Icelguc
Efe Icelguc חודש לפני
2:07 temmie was so loved by everyone it was made into a real thing!
Joseph Nicholls
Joseph Nicholls 2 ימים לפני
The thud of the bird hitting the bed made me laugh for a good few mins
Max Quinney
Max Quinney חודש לפני
Nice video, though the pizza looked a little soggy they still seemed to enjoy it.
Jeune Werther
Jeune Werther 24 ימים לפני
0:16 I like how it's one of the first questions he asks. Compared to the modern world, they are way more in touch with their natural intuitions. Like in the 1st world, people will eat again before the previous meal was fully digested, because we have all these ads telling us to consume food constantly, and officials telling us lies such as the recommended calories intake and frequency of meals etc.
Mr.Wuffles חודש לפני
0:37 HAHAHAHA I love how the parrot falls at the end 😂
Esoteric חודש לפני
The sand on the snow is an incredibly bizarre thing to see, that's really cool though.
Dreanne חודש לפני
I love the bird. Exactly knows how to annoy someone.
Mister Cheese
Mister Cheese 4 ימים לפני
MorningStar 16 ימים לפני
I have the same bird and it never annoys me
Banana Wanana
Banana Wanana חודש לפני
pfp sauce
El Mitcho
El Mitcho חודש לפני
That's what peachfaces do
Eldritch Sheep
Eldritch Sheep 24 ימים לפני
So for those wondering about the cow blood comment from the first clip, it is because many African tribes consume the blood and bile of a cow during the butchering process and it is just about the closest thing to the tart taste of the tomato sauce they have to compare.
AllThat Remains
AllThat Remains חודש לפני
I love the 4-eared cat!😻
adorbsocean חודש לפני
You know they’re definitely trying the pizza for the first time when they cut the pizza like that 😭
Stephen Hobbs
Stephen Hobbs חודש לפני
The bird falling is hilarious like he just forgot to fly 🤣😂
Big Ball Of Tape
Big Ball Of Tape חודש לפני
The girl and her bird are freaking adorable 😄 they seem so chill together
David C
David C חודש לפני
Your comment got stolen
LegendaryMug חודש לפני
@doggo doggo all that talking and I still dont know what you're concerned about
yuan baldado
yuan baldado חודש לפני
Is it a parblue?
Wulerhaufung חודש לפני
@P.M III I laughed hard at that🤣
ImNub חודש לפני
that cat with 4 ears looks like a exotic animal i love it 😍
CHANDELIER 29 ימים לפני
"How long does it stay in the stomach?" The best FOOD REVIEW I've ever heard.
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley 13 ימים לפני
I actually do that flipping trick with my cat too, she really loves it
kek_fighter3 7 ימים לפני
Maybe he does but PLEASE dont do it like in the video. That meow is because that idiot hurt her cats abdomen not because of a flip
frkggy 27 ימים לפני
I love how that cat just stood there in horror
Jason Wall
Jason Wall חודש לפני
*2:18* That dog jumping the other dog, almost running away and then realizing he forgot the loot, going back grabbing it, and running off, was adorable.
cloaked bread guy
cloaked bread guy 4 ימים לפני
i just feel bad watching it
Eshan Marvan
Eshan Marvan 21 יום לפני
left him flabbergasted
MissElizabethPlays חודש לפני
Cooldude81 חודש לפני
Bully dog
M Vazquez
M Vazquez חודש לפני
It could be that the toy belonged to the chihuahua and hence why it jumped the white dog
bilinas mini
bilinas mini חודש לפני
Seeing the men eat pizza was so cute Notice how they asked, "How long will it stay in the stomach" AND THE KITTY looks like a dragon! SO BEAUTIFUL
Josette Andres
Josette Andres חודש לפני
"How long will this stay in stomach?" Well, it takes food anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to digest depending on what it is and how much there is. Then it takes another 24 hours for it to pass through the intestines (small and large intestines) before anything the body didn't use comes out as waste. Now the over inflated basketball launching like a rocket was awesome, and the border collie was cute. I want a border collie as a pet.
TetyLike3 חודש לפני
JT Vlogs
JT Vlogs חודש לפני
Poor cat is so cute! I hope it’s okay!
kleetus92 12 ימים לפני
My buddy had a cat that loved to be spun in an office chair... you'd spin the chair as fast as you could without knocking it over he's start to meow, you'd stop the chair, he'd jump down, walking sideways for a minute or so, then jump back in the chair and REALLY start meowing until you spun the chair again... He could do this all day...
Chimney חודש לפני
The way they all laugh at the one guy trying to take a bite out of the whole thing makes my heart warm :')
Faine212 חודש לפני
@biblereader You have to keep in mind that they're probably eating animals that lived in nature healthily all their lives or they grew themselves.. They're not eating toxic and poisoned factory farmed animal blood. in that case eating the way they eat is the absolute healthiest for the human body
Marty Herrick
Marty Herrick חודש לפני
@Maasaiboys I must know more
Juicy Boiz
Juicy Boiz חודש לפני
@biblereader tribes like that have been doing it for long time. Not sure why its fine for them. They probably drink it in small amounts and real fresh from healthy cows or something.
Gay Satanic Clowns
Gay Satanic Clowns חודש לפני
@biblereader You can also get disease from raw cookie dough, it still tastes good. I might try black pudding or hematogen candy or whatever it is.
Scott Brooks
Scott Brooks חודש לפני
"How long will this sit in your stomach?" Most underrated question.
Parker Yardley
Parker Yardley 12 ימים לפני
DankJuicer חודש לפני
So cool seeing these people trying modern day food
Huggy Wuggy
Huggy Wuggy חודש לפני
What I really love about this guy is that he shows the video of the thumbnail first
KXDino חודש לפני
The fact that the cat's ears are symmetrical is amazing, I would have expected that one ear be much lower than the other.
Faine212 חודש לפני
@schadenfroh I thought so too but turns out he has good content
Faine212 חודש לפני
@Shaka Brah Umm. I checked his channel and he genuinely has good content.
nobody חודש לפני
Yooo now I know what cow blood tastes like
Fishbot Sid
Fishbot Sid חודש לפני
it is like an anime catgirl.
Paradox Edge
Paradox Edge חודש לפני
Oh you mean an NFT OC? Lol.
Shahd Ibrahim
Shahd Ibrahim חודש לפני
The four ear cat looks like it came out of a Ghibli movie ☄ lovely kitty :)
G VS חודש לפני
That sandy-snow looks like forbidden caramel powder additive for coffee and I feel the sudden urge to eat it.
YourFunnyFaves יום לפני
“Man trying pizza found to be Tyler the creators long lost cousin”🤣
Elijah Butterfield
Elijah Butterfield חודש לפני
I want to thank Daily Dose of Internet for including some footage of Mick Jagger at 2:25 It was good seeing him alive still.
Nick Howerter
Nick Howerter חודש לפני
The spin the bottle clip was so funny. Guy immediately surrenders, "I'm out, please! I'm out." Got him RIGHT on the butt haha
Nasima Alomghir
Nasima Alomghir חודש לפני
whyisblue923taken חודש לפני
@Flynn217something Hide the keister egg.
Some ALAMIN חודש לפני
Colin Edgington
Colin Edgington חודש לפני
@blubyu 🤣🤣🤣
matrixphijr 13 ימים לפני
The bird just sliding down her hair and then *thump* at the end got me 💀
Poypoy RB
Poypoy RB חודש לפני
The cat with 4 ears looks like an axololt he is so precious
Rainfur חודש לפני
the cat with 4 ears looks so beautiful i would adopt him
Potato_BOII242 12 ימים לפני
I always love the way you say "very very soon" :)
EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! חודש לפני
“It’s like cow blood, very good 👍 “
Thunder dragon 2022
Thunder dragon 2022 12 ימים לפני
We’ve been eating cow blood this whole time……I’m still eating it
sign_verken 15 ימים לפני
@Deen Chaser hey that's what autocorrect put
Deen Chaser
Deen Chaser 15 ימים לפני
@sign_verken legion?
WW3 Fan
WW3 Fan 16 ימים לפני
Now we know how vow blood taste like.
Christian Soder
Christian Soder 16 ימים לפני
That had me laughing
Felix Jessup
Felix Jessup 21 יום לפני
I remember when the Saharan dust reached the UK. Came out of lessons and the sky and surroundings looked they had an old timer filter on. It wasn’t thick enough to pile up here but it gave everything an eerie dull yellow hue.
∞ Infinity The Creator ∞
∞ Infinity The Creator ∞ 21 יום לפני
It was just so wholesome when the african tribe tried pizza for the *very* *very* first time is is me trying my mom's food
Meix Raidenx
Meix Raidenx 20 ימים לפני
The cat with 4 ears just looks majestic and he can hear with higher quality
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson חודש לפני
"How long will this stay in the stomach" That awkward moment when you realise a random African tribesmen puts more thought into how the food will affect him than somebody with nutritional labels and ingredients list.
Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual חודש לפני
I'm pretty sure he means "how long does this keep you full" which for them is important to Africans tribes who don't have abundance of food. it has nothing to do with health except the satisfaction of being full which they probably don't experience as much as us. people from third world countries judge food by how long it will keep you full and i know this because iv seen it happen before my own eyes.
Senator Steven Armstrong
Senator Steven Armstrong חודש לפני
The cat with fours ears is constantly “blepping” and it is so cute!!!! Because of the genetic mutation that gave Midas (the cat’s name) the extra ears, she also has a defective jaw (hence the tongue sticking out cutely). Also, the extra ears are connected to Midas’ ear canals, meaning they are functional
An asexual dragon with internet access
An asexual dragon with internet access 20 ימים לפני
Midas +10 to ability's that require hearing
blooky 25 ימים לפני
that cat has 2 extra ears to not hear when you call it's name
Tostper חודש לפני
does she hear double?
Captain Dedpul
Captain Dedpul חודש לפני
Thats not a cat. Thats a pokemon
Senator Steven Armstrong
Senator Steven Armstrong חודש לפני
@No Vanity Midas is female
meanGjellybean חודש לפני
anybody gonna talk about how fluffy the first cat’s tail was
JJ 26 ימים לפני
2:00 looks so much fun 😂
Silver death
Silver death 29 ימים לפני
I don't even like pets but if that 4-eared cat shows up at my'll be the most loved cat on the planet
Twigzie IRL
Twigzie IRL 15 ימים לפני
*he loves it* Yes, I loved the way he said, *flip me* followed by *I totally love this*
esspi חודש לפני
Bruh, you never fail to not disappoint us! This was cool AF.
esspi חודש לפני
@Smooth Pineapple Welcome to the club, homie! XD
Smooth Pineapple
Smooth Pineapple חודש לפני
@esspi oh I get it now lmao
esspi חודש לפני
@Smooth Pineapple 1.9k other people understood. Try again.
Smooth Pineapple
Smooth Pineapple חודש לפני
Bro I don’t understand what tf your saying
Matt The Runner
Matt The Runner חודש לפני
Why are you saying he always disappoints us?
Passive_Catalyst 14 ימים לפני
The tribesmen folk look like people you'd enjoy having a chat with to pass the time.
bork bark
bork bark חודש לפני
That four eared cat is the chosen one he can hear everything
Leon Routh
Leon Routh 5 ימים לפני
That cat can probably hear the sun coming up😂😅
Yakucho 4 ימים לפני
This Cat looks very nice :O i wish there are an cat species with 4 ears!!!
P-O-Pie חודש לפני
Not only was the cat born with four ears, he was also born with a non-retractable tongue!
CartoonishIdealism חודש לפני
Permanent blep
Julius99 26 ימים לפני
The four-eared cat looked like the wholesome version of the Geometry Dash insane demon. Change my mind
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